Enjoying The Great Get Together Festival At Woolwich Common

Today was so hot it was a great day for a fabulous festival. LO and I went along to the Great Get Together event that took place on the green of the Woolwich Artillery Barracks. Locals may have seen flyers and posters for the events around the town as well as in our local community paper, The Greenwich Times.

There was something for everyone. There was a stage that had live performances from local artists, a big amusement park area where you’d find funfair type of rides, there was llamas that were used as part of a race for the public to enjoy watching. There were a lot of food stalls at the festival offering different cuisines from traditional fish and chips to Carribean goodness like curries and patties. There were also Nepalese food stalls including the infamous food pop-up stall, Namaste that can be found in Woolwich – give them a try if you fancy good, Nepalese food. The food was a bit pricey – £3.00 for a small dish of chips and £1.50 for a bottle of water.

The Greenwich Mummy

As I thought I was going to be late to meet a friend there, I didn’t bring any packed lunch which would’ve been a good idea. It was definitely allowed and we saw many other families having a little picnic at the event. Overall, it was a superb day out. We saw great dance performances, children were going crazy over the bubble man and his bubbles, the kids had a little ride on the funfair rides and everyone enjoyed the day out.

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