Meet our family.

I started off this blog many years ago (in 2015!) as a journal to document my days out with Little Man and reviewing local events, things to do and places to go that are suitable for parents with young children.

Since then, the blog has blossomed into something more than just a days-out diary but I still try to keep that theme as much as possible.

Now, not only do I write about our family days out but I also write about our travel adventures, product reviews, hair and beauty hauls, cooking and baking with delicious recipes you can try, and just general motherhood ramblings and parenting life.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I still enjoy writing!

The Wandering Mother Blog | About Me


Mother, peace-maker and food magician

Star sign Leo.
Likes having me-time and morning coffees.
Dislikes feeling rushed and the London commute.
Favourite colours are pink and yellow.

I started off this blog writing about days out with Little Man, now we’re a family of four travelling around requires a little more planning. Nevertheless we love wandering around London and the UK… soon to head abroad!

Now meet the rest of the crazy bunch…


Father, parent enforcer/negotiator and domestic god

Star sign Taurus.
Likes playing his music loud.
Dislikes a messy house.
His favourite colour is blue.

The Wandering Mother | UK Family Lifestyle Blog
The Wandering Mother | UK Family Lifestyle Blog


Son and dino-loving walking encyclopaedia

Star sign Leo.
Likes dinosaurs and chicken nuggets.
Dislikes doing anything to his hair.
His favourite colour is blue.


Daughter and tiny diva of the house

Star sign Taurus.
Likes unicorns and all things sparkly.
Dislikes it when she doesn’t get her way.
Her favourite colour is pink.

The Wandering Mother | UK Family Lifestyle Blog

What we get up to…

When we’re not busy exploring, we’re busy being a chaotic little family. Any special adventures we go on are recorded in this blog. This includes reviews on our family days out, special local events, product reviews of things I’ve tried and loved, and basically anything else that intrigues me or that I’ve had an opportunity to review which fits in well with my blog. Ciao! x

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