DISCLOSURE: Reviews & Brand Collaborations


Since starting my blog back in 2015 I have always ensured that my blog has my reader’s best interests at heart. By doing so, I try to offer a variety of posts from my own experiences, days out, and reviews of products and services that I’ve bought and paid for myself. However, I have also been lucky enough to work with a numerous amount of brilliant brands and companies which I am very thankful for and hope to continue doing so.

I try to make sure that my blog is as transparent as possible by placing a disclosure at the end of my posts so you know whether or not I was gifted or compensated for that review.


When I work with a brand on a post or project, these are tagged as ‘brand collaboration’ posts. For these types of posts, I may have been compensated by the brand in exchange for a product review. Compensation can be in the form of a payment, gifted product/service or both, which would always be disclosed in the blog footer. Sometimes I also work with brands but receive no compensation.

I ensure that my reviews are unbiased and all opinions, photos and content of mine should not be reused without consent. Sometimes the brand will supply me with their own images to use which I would credit in the post respectively.


An ‘ad/sponsored’ post is similar to an advertorial – a specific post has either been written by a brand/writer/freelancer who has paid me to publish their content on my blog. Sometimes, I may tweak their content to make it fit in with my blog theme but the majority of the content will be from the third party.

There will only be a small percentage of these posts on my blog and I will ensure that these posts will meet strict requirements to ensure that they are relevant and informative to my readers and a good fit with my blog.


A contribution or guest post is a post that is written by another blogger, writer or brand (for my blog) in exchange for promotional exposure. All guest posts or contribution posts would be disclosed. No type of compensation will be received by either parties in exchange for these posts.

Any guest/contribution posts found to be duplicated or ‘spun’ on any other blogs, pages or websites will result in it being removed from mine.


You may spot some posts that contain affiliate links. There would normally be a short disclosure in the footer to mention this and I have left the links un-shortened intentionally so you can identify them better.

If you decide click on one/any of these affiliate links, I may earn a small fee from your purchases (which is at no cost to you). Of course, you can always choose not to click on the links. As I am not paid for my posts and reviews (unless stated otherwise), it’s a nice way of being rewarded for writing about the products I really love and use.


You will come across adverts on my blog as I have decided to allow adverts selected by WordPress to show on my pages. This is a ways of helping me support my blog financially and should you find the adverts of any interest, you can click on them which (similar to affiliate links) will enable me to receive a small fee should you make any transactions. In line with GDPR, you can choose to deny or reject any/all of the cookies.

Last updated May 2022

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