My Cocoa Cashmere Wish List

Cocoa Cashmere is a luxury fashion company that offers high-quality cashmere clothing. Did I mention that they are also British? I love British brands and always want to show my support for companies from the UK. Cashmere is more dearer than other wool or cheap wool/acrylic mixes because it’s very well insulated but without that heavy feeling. It can last for a long time if you maintain it well and follow the cleaning and care instructions properly.

Cocoa Cashmere’s SS 2015 collection looks very simple but well-designed. The simple pieces can be easily worn with anything from jeans, to leggings and skirts. Cocoa Cashmere’s fabric is very lightweight which means it can be layered easily with blouses, shirts and other apparel without feeling bulky. I’ve been scouring their clean and minimal site for my favourite three items and here they are:




Images from Cocoa Cashmere

I love box jumpers as they are longer than cropped jumpers but they have the same/similar kind of shape which is what I love. The back of CC’s boxy jumper (£179) is also slightly longer to cover a bit more. The ribbed swing jumper (£185) is perfect for spring and summer time. The shape gives the wearer more room to move which is ideal for people who need to be able to move freely (like me) and not feel restricted.

I love swing dresses not only for their flexibility but also their ability to hide unwanted lumps and bumps. So when I don’t feel too good body-wise, my plum/fuchsia swing dress always come out and I team it with black tights and flats or heeled suede boots depending on what I am doing for the day (heels and a super-active toddler is a big no-no). The last dress is the long sleeve dress (£159); it’s shape is very simple with a standard fit so you still have room to move but it’s not as ‘free’ as the swing dress. I would wear this dress with a sheer chiffon blouse underneath and knee high boots.


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