Stranger Sings! The Vaults Theatre London Review

Review: Stranger Sings! at The Vaults Theatre London

[cue synthesizer music]

If you know, then you know.

If you don’t… then let me introduce you to one of the best Netflix series of this year which is ‘Stranger Things’. Set in the 80s it was a little hard to get my head around the slightly grainy cinematography but as the seasons went by, this style of filming was a breath of fresh air and nostalgia to modern TV.

But I’m not here to write about Stranger Things, I’m here to tell you about the AMAZINGLY brilliant and funny parody musical take on the popular series called Stranger Sings! currently showing at the trendy underground spot in Waterloo called The Vaults Theatre London.

The Show

Stanger Sings! is an award-winning production, grabbing that winner spot for Broadway World and the Off-Broadway Awards 2021.

If you’ve never seen the series before I would advise to watch at least the first season otherwise you might get a little lost in the humour however if you’re an avid or die-hard fan of ST, it’s an absolute no-brainer to go and watch the performance. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED… and in the unlikely event that you are, well, maybe parody humour is just not your bag then.

Photo Credit: The Vaults London / Photography by Giulia Paratelli

For me, the production follows the TV series quite closely to season 1 tied in with elements from seasons 2 and 3 which made the storyline a little more interesting and added the element of surprise.

Expect outstanding acting and impersonations, enthusiasm and high-energy performances, a few belters from unexpected members and a couple (light) heart-felt moments. After all, it is a parody.

Stranger Sings! is also playing in New York and Mebourne.

The Cast

A cast of 8-9 multi-talented actors plus a live musician to add that extra dimension to the performances. Some of the cast are playing several characters but it wasn’t possible to really tell. How they switched into character and costumes that quickly bewilders me! Did I mention how talented the cast were?

You can read more about the cast here:

The Venue

The Vaults London is located in an underground tunnel by Waterloo station. The Vaults Theatre has a different entrance to the main bar & lounge, and is a short walk away.

It was actually a little difficult for me to find so if you’re not used to the area I’d highly recommend arriving early so you don’t miss the admissions window. Latecomers to the show may not be admitted once the show has started – I can tell you this from experience.. just don’t do it!

The venue itself is super quirky, very intimate but in the most welcoming way possible. All staff were incredibly friendly and helpful, which makes all the difference. Some of the bigger theatre studios can be a little intimidating but I felt completely comfortable here. There is a small bar area that serves drinks – not sure if they have snacks but the local area lends itself to a wonderful variety of places to eat so make sure you indulge yourself before the show. Some other shows at The Vaults Theatre do have a dining option so that’s something to keep in mind when booking other shows.

The Vaults have actually crafted up a number of unique Stranger Sings! inspired cocktails for you to get your hands on… enjoy!

NB. I received a complimentary ticket to attend the press launch night of Stranger Sings! for the purpose of this blog review. All words and opinions are my own. Media images have been credited to the original sources respectively.


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