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Getting our game on last week at EGX 2022 in Excel London

The weekend is either a fun day or a family day in the WM household. We usually try to do it on a Saturday so we can save Sunday for Cleaning Day! 🙂 It’s really important to spend time together as a family unit so whenever we have the chance to get together, we do… and a good thing that we all love games!

Excel London hosts some of the biggest expos and conventions around. I’ve attended the Professional Beauty expo in my spa days, The Business Show at the start of my apprenticeship and more recently, EGX for a bit of family gaming fun!


Welcome to EGX 2022 at Excel London!

Inside EGX London 2022 it was MASSIVE and there was lots to see. After picking up our creator passes at EGX, our little family had a play on some newly developed console games, we checked out the exhibition stands with plush toys, cosplay outfits and much more. We even found a Dragon Ball Z dragon ball that 5 stars, we had to buy it!

Nostalgic memories…

Nostalgic Memories galore! Seriously, looking at the full range of old consoles just brought back the memories of my first experience with a console. It was my cousin’s PlayStation 1. Little Miss had a play on one of the old Nintendo consoles! The remote was so tiny and the graphics were just something else.. technology has come a long way from then!

Little Man having a go on the original Playstation
Who remembers this Nintendo controller?

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