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Last minute Father’s Day gift ideas for 2022

Father’s Day is just around the corner!

I was supposed to have written this gift guide at the start of the month but it’s been MEGA busy! We had the Platinum Jubilee celebrations on June 4-5 which we attended and the kids also attended one on the Thursday before that and this Saturday we had another one!

If you’re looking for that last-minute inspiration, I’m here to give that to you. Whether it’s a gift for your dad, grandad or hubby, I’m sure they will appreciate at least one item from my top picks below:

My Top 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

This won’t be a lengthy one but sometimes short and sweet is best. If Daddy P’s lucky, I’ll get my act together and will arrange a massage and fancy dinner for him too. It’s nice to spoil him every now and then. As my dad is in Vietnam, it’s not possible to get him anything so I’ll wait for when we go over to visit in a couple of year’s time.

Lyre’s Contessa Negroni Set

I’m intolerant to alcohol so I can’t even have low-alcohol drinks – it’s got to be completely ZERO. It’s such a shame as Daddy P does like to drink every now and then but prefers to be T-total when around me.

There’s so many alcohol-free alcohol options now, you’re spoilt for choice. Lyre’s also sell complete sets like this Contessa Negroni set which is said to be like the ‘funky second cousin’ to the Negroni. There’s also a page on the Lyre’s website dedicated to no-alcohol and low-alcohol cocktail recipes, so if you’re feeling adventurous you can try making your own cocktails.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2022
Lyre’s Contessa Negroni Set

LookFantastic X Mankind Father’s Day Beauty Box

I’m a big skincare junkie and an advocate for healthy living. I’ve tried to introduce Daddy P to wellness and have got him interested in looking after his skin. After 15 years and two kids, we’re not spring chickens anymore so we need to take care of ourselves that little bit better. This beauty box for men from Look Fantastic basically has everything he will need. From scrubs and cleansers to creams and hair wax, it’s got it all. For just £55, he’s got enough products to last him until next year!

Father's Day Gift Guide 2022
LookFantastic X Mankind beauty box

MYKA Personalised Men’s Braided Leather Bracelet 

This braided leather bracelet is a wonderful symbol of family, friendship, or values, or maybe even a combination of those things, depending on what you choose it for. Of course I had to include a piece of jewellery in this list, it wouldn’t be a Father’s Day gift guide without one! This the personalised metal bands on this bracelet adds a nice modern twist onto the traditional leather bracelet design. If the special person in your life likes simple, understated jewellery or accessories, check this one out.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2022
MYKA personalised leather bracelet for men

Wonderbly’s “Thank you, Daddy” Personalised Book

A personalised children’s book is always a sweet gift for a new father or grandad. I used to love buying these books for the kids when it was their birthday and now they also make them for the parents which is amazing! Wonderbly’s “Thank You, Daddy” is a touching book that looks at the everyday adventures between a father and his child/children and celebrates all the wonderful ways that a daddy cares.

Expect some tears with this one!

Father's Day Gift Guide 2022
Wonderbly’s Personalised Books: Thank You, Daddy

Sainsbury’s Dad Power XL Mug

We love a large mug in our household, we’re always fighting over the biggest mug that’s available! Daddy P’s been searching for an extra large mug for a while now and settled on a XL garden tumbler so I’m sure he will be thrilled with this bad boy. This XL mug from Sainsbury’s is definitely the largest I’ve come across. It’s not the funkiest in designs, the design is quite simple but I want it for the function and not the aesthetics. With 800ml for drinking at just £5, it’s a no-brainer!

Other mugs I found that looked a bit more stylish included the Totally Awesome mug from Next and the Dad Fuel mug from M&S. If the mug from Next was as big as the Sainsbury’s one, that would’ve been my first choice.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2022
Sainsbury’s Dad Power XL mug (800ml)

Let me know what you’ve bought this Father’s Day in the comments below.
I’d love to know!


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