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Come Dine With Me: Dalloway Terrace restaurant review

Central London is overflowing with places to eat. Some are great and some are amazing! In the past couple of years, I’ve come across more and more beautiful restaurants complete with gorgeous flower walls, plush velvet seats and white marble tables.

One place that I could simply not get enough of was a little hidden gem I discovered on instagram was Dalloway Terrace. It’s chic outdoor dining but with the feeling of being inside. The restaurant is located on the terrace of the Bloomsbury Hotel – it’s elegantly styled and the feature walls are ordained with the most wonderful flower arrangements that are changed every season.

When I went in May, they had their Spring arrangements with white and cream flowers. Then when I went again in June, they had just put out their Summer arrangement of pink and yellow.

A foodie’s review…

Brunch like it’s Lunch

Available Thursday to Sunday (until 2PM)

Brunch at Dalloway is simply amazing! For just £35 it’s one of the best brunch deals I’ve found for this quality of dining. £35 will get you a welcome juice, starter, main and hot drink. Sides and sweets (desserts) are optional and at an additional charge but still! Definitely a bargain.

At the time I visited, these delicious hot crabcakes were available as a starter – they are now off the menu (not sure if that’s because it’s out of season, discontinued or both) but it was simply divine! The soft, sweet and tangy salsa that came with it balanced out the full-bodied taste and texture of the giant crabcake.

The Wandering Mother Blog | Dalloway Terrace Food Review
Delicious brunch at Dalloway Terrace for just £35!

For my brunch mains, I opted for the eggs royale and my sister got the eggs benedict. The eggs were poached to perfection and had just the right amount of oozing yolk. The salmon was fresh and the hollandaise sauce was super thick and creamy. We got a couple of sides with our mains to have a well-rounded brunch but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. The portion sizes are on the generous side.

I can’t remember the welcome juice I chose but I think it was freshly squeezed orange juice. For my hot drink I chose the matcha latte with oat milk which was a treat. It’s good matcha – unsweetened and just how I like it! If you’re not used to matcha you will find it bitter but just add a drop of sugar and you’ll be fine or get used to it!

Afternoon Tea at Dalloway Terrace

Available daily between 1-4PM

I really do love afternoon tea but it’s got to be at a good place otherwise it’s not worth the money (in my honest opinion!). Unfortunately at Dalloway’s, there’s no refill on the food but there is on the tea. For just £35pp I guess I can’t be too fussy, can I? What I love most about Dalloway’s Afternoon Tea is that the menu gets updated frequently and reflects the seasons beautifully.

The selection of tea is a bit limited compared to some of the other places I’ve been but they have all the popular choices ie. earl grey, oolong, white tea, peppermint and English breakfast. There are some fancier flavours too but I can’t remember what they are – I think there is Rooibos (red bush) tea which is delicious if you’ve never tried it. The flavour reminds me of a herbal jelly I like eating. This tea is great on its own or with a splash of milk.

The Wandering Mother Blog | Dalloway Terrace Food Review
Amazing Afternoon Tea at Dalloway Terrace

When I went, the selection of finger sandwiches include the classics i.e. cucumber, salmon, egg mayo, tomato and cheese. They were freshly made – no stale bread which is a bonus! I was a bit miffed as portions are literally one sandwich slice per person whereas most places offer two per person.

The freshly-baked scones were amazing and still really warm after serving! We could choose from a plain scone and a cheese one. Of course, we were given jam and clotted cream to enjoy with our scones. The scones were really good-sized portions so maybe that’s why we were given one slice of each sandwich selection. My favourite part of it all was the top tier of the afternoon tea stand… The desserts!

I can’t actually remember what all the desserts were but I remember one was a chocolate and caramel shortbread tartlet, there was a lemon mousse dessert in the shape of a lemon (very creative!), there was some kind of a prosecco or elderflower panna cotta with raspberry coulis. Yummy!!

All-day alfresco dining

As I mentioned earlier, it was May when I first dined at Dalloway Terrace. It was Daddy P’s birthday and I decided to treat the both of us to a lovely lunch together without the kids. It had been a while since we both dined out so it was nice to just get dressed and be adults for a couple of hours.

We were seated to our table and offered the all-day dining menu. We decided to skip starters and just go for a main and dessert as we were short on time (we arrived around 11.30 and needed to head off at 2pm to get back in time to collect the kids from school).

We both opted for the blackened miso cod and Asian greens. The fish was cooked beautifully and the shitake mushroom dashi (a type of stock broth) which gave the dish a rich flavour. The flavours will appeal to your umami taste buds. The parmesan and truffle chips are AMAZING and the baby potatoes are perfectly boiled.

The Wandering Mother Blog | Dalloway Terrace Food Review
The Blackened miso cod and parmesan & truffle fries were my fave!

For dessert, I opted for a crème brûlée and Daddy P chose the strawberry cheesecake. The crème brûlée came in a mini pan but because it was so rich and creamy, I couldn’t finish it which was annoying because it was really delicious! Daddy P is NOT a fan of fruity desserts but for some reason he was drawn to the cheesecake. This cheesecake transformed him – he became a convert!

As it’s all day dining, you can enjoy this menu anytime of the day or night. The layout of Dalloway is so beautifully set up that it can be enjoyed for all occasions – whether that’s a girly brunch catch-up or a romantic dinner for two in the evening. Rainy days? Don’t fret because this place has electronically-operated windows and a lovely black and white concertina rooftop to provide you shelter from the rain and an intimate setting.

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