Review: Jaques of London educational toys

I adore wooden toys. There’s just something so lovely and magical about them. They’re also durable, sturdy and have a wonderful texture compared to plastic toys.

I just can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. It’s almost Christmas already! Three lockdowns later and we can finally get the chance to have a proper Christmas dinner with the rest of our family. We’ve just ordered a new dining table so we’re definitely going all out this December.

Jaques of London Educational Toys

The oldest toy maker in town.

I’m a big fan of supporting UK businesses and was pleasantly surprised when one got on touch. Jaques of London is a family-run toys manufacturer that was established since the 1700s – yes, over 200 years of toy-making!

Jaques’ specialises in toys with multiple benefits, particularly educational. I am loving their wooden toys, so when they asked if I’d like to review some, of course I said yes.

I don’t know why but I’ve always associated wooden toys with Christmas. Like I said before, there’s just something magical about them and they really do make great gifts for kids. Take a look at this wooden snakes and ladders + ludo 2 in 1 set we were kindly sent. Everyone loves two for the price of one right? This game set is only £13.99 and will keep the kids entertained for a good amount of time.

Snakes & Ladders + Ludo Set, £13.99 / Photo source: Jaques of London

It’s a handy, portable size so you can easily take it anywhere you go, making it ideal for packing on holiday or any kind of getaway in case the kids get bored. It’s also a great set to play with on rainy days and we definitely have a few of those coming up soon! Little Man couldn’t get enough of the snakes and ladders. He was even content to play with it by himself after we finished a round of games.

If you love a game of snakes and ladders but have younger children, why not pick up the Junior version instead? It’s a colourful and simplified version of the popular family game.

Speaking of games and educational toys for younger children, the old toy manufacturer also has a wonderful collection of toys for 4 year olds and preschoolers. Educational toys are fantastic tools for helping children to learn in a fun and interactive way.

I also picked up this lovely, multi-purpose kids learning clock for Little Miss. She had hours of endless fun with this one; she made a string of numbers by sorting the shapes from 1 to 10, she also had fun counting the numbers and playing with the clock. Even Little Man enjoyed using the clock to help him tell the time, something we’re struggling with at the moment.

Jaques of London Kids Learning Clock, £11.99

Beautifully presented and well-packaged toys

Jaques personalised packaging is something to admire. It’s well-thought and beautifully presented brown parcels, complete with branded ribbon.

Each item is individually hand-wrapped with printed wrapping paper and there’s a little thank you note inside from your personal packer. Talk about going the extra mile! I’ve never experienced wrapping quite like this before and I am very delighted I’ve found a company that offers this level of service.

For our gifts, Little Miss had a lot of fun unwrapping them. She got so excited with the unboxing that she even tried to unwrap Little Man’s toy! Can’t say I blame her though – it does give off that Christmas unwrapping vibe! 🙂

At least, you can be rest assured that if you did decide to buy your Christmas gifts from Jaques, gift wrapping can be the last thing on your mind!

All fun aside, we really enjoyed reviewing these fun, educational toys. They were good fun to play with and so lovely to get through the post. I’d highly recommend checking out their full collection online, there’s a LOT on there. I also found that Amazon sells Jaque’s toys but at a higher price – you’re better off heading straight to their official website.

So whether you’re on the lookout for great Christmas gift ideas or wanting to purchase well-made wooden toys for your little one, I’m sure Jaques will have something that will tick all your boxes. 🙂

NB. In collaboration with Jaques of London. We were kindly gifted two educational toys in exchange for this product review. All words, photos and opinions are my own and any photos from other sources are credited retrospectively.


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