Hair today, gone tomorrow…

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here so I thought it’s only right to update you all on what’s been happening and if I have any new hair tricks and tips for you all!

My hair types settled back into 1C which I’ve decided I’m not going to fight anymore. My 2A waves still come out every now and then but most days, I’m at 1C – that’s straight hair with some kinks or bends if you’re not familiar with the hair terms. They are confusing I know!

I’ve been getting a lot more greys too, I’m about 10% grey and at 32, I can only put it down to genetics and stress. A little annoying but that’s life! So I’ve decided to revamp my hair – I had some layers put in and half-head of highlights. The aim is to get the highlights to lift to a silver blonde so I can tone them grey. That way when the greys come out, they’ll blend in a little more seamlessly.

First blowdry in YEARS!

I then went and did something really stupid at home, I decided to tone my hair but used a cream developer that was more concentrated so it also ended up lightly lifting my natural base colour. Not a bad thing but my overall hair looks more brown with highlights than natural black with highlights.

It’s also the first time in many years that I’ve blow-dried my hair straight! I’ve also discovered a new technique that helps! More on that below.

What products am I using on my hair now?

Funnily enough, I’m still using the same products as I don’t like to waste things:

*not classed as CG-friendly

Does your hair get puffy after blow-drying? Try this!

I never would have thought that this would work but it really did. Instead of blowdrying your hair, comb or brush it straight and diffuse it.

On the Curly Girl Method there is a technique for diffusing where the diffuser actually doesn’t touch the hair, you just hover over the hair with it. It’s a great technique if your waves or curls get easily disturbed as it doesn’t require you to scrunch the hair whilst its drying. I love the technique as it always keeps my waves in longer than when I try to scrunch but this time, I was doing it to get straight hair.

After shampooing with a purple shampoo and using my Noughty deep conditioner, I rinsed and added a little leave-in conditioner to the ends. I then used my denman brush to brush my hair straight but round up the ends. The weight of my hair helps to keep it straight and in place.

No more poofy blowdries

When diffusing, because the air circulates around the head it doesn’t disturb the style so it stays in place. Of course, on 2A hair this may not really work as well as the heat will cause the curl pattern to tighten up but as my hair’s gone back to 1C it’s a little easier to do so.

I’m really enjoying the new hair look! I’m going to be trying out some new Noughty haircare products soon which helps with frizz so I’ll let you know how that goes. Winter is coming and the low humidity always sends my hair into a static, frizz-prone mess!

That’s all for now folks but I’ll be back soon! X

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