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‘Appy kids with Calm Kingdom: a mental wellness app for children

Calm and Appy Kids!

Kids nowadays are so advanced when it comes to digital technology, it’s a wonder how the older generations have still not fully caught up. With their sponge-like brains, this generation’s children are consuming much more technology than any other generation before them which can be both good and bad, depending on how you look at it.

There’s also been articles and research into whether technology is linked to anxiety, depression, attention disorders and other behavioural problems. As their tiny brains get over=stimulated, it can be easy for children to then become restless and act out. This is why wellness activities such as kids and family yoga can really help to take kids away from screen-time and learn to practice mindfulness and being calm. However, not everyone might be able to access these types of classes and rely on digital sites and apps to provide them with this kind of support.

“Mindfulness is an important strength for children to acquire. While they may not always be able to articulate it, children are picking up and internalising the stresses around them.”
Adam Green, founder of CLEVERWORLD

That’s why the creators and developers at CLEVERWORLD have just launched a new interactive wellbeing app made just for kids called Calm Kingdom. The app is aimed at children aged between 2-7 years and is designed to help support children’s mental wellness and promote mindfulness. In the app, you’ll find videos on mindful breathing, calming techniques and gentle stretching and movement. They also have cool animal names like Reptile Relaxation and Sloth Stretches demonstrated by the animals (well, people dressed as the animals) too making it fun and easy for kids to remember.

According to mental health experts, keeping a reflection journal can help children to manage their emotions better and is said to be “one of the healthiest habits for a lifetime”.

The app offers even the youngest children to experience journalling through colouring and drawing in the app. This kind of colouring can help children to improve their focus, concentration and creativity skills. Children can also use their own voice to record their thoughts and feelings which is amazing.

I downloaded the app on my phone and Little Miss seemed to have had a good time exploring the app. It even has a parent portal section where you can get involved and observe your child’s journey through the app. The Calm Kingdom is not social app but for the journalling it does require a login connection via social media or email. There is a free and premium (paid) version of the app – we downloaded the free one.

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Colouring can support children’s learning / Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

All of the children’s work ie. any voice recordings and journalling content is only accessible to the child and the parent. This should provide parents with some peace of mind that their children can safely explore the app and express themselves freely without their security or privacy being put at risk.

You can download the Calm Kingdom app for free on iOS and Android:

Google Play:


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