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The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Jewellery Box Review

It’s Mother’s Day – woop woop! 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day! 

It’s been such a long time since I last posted anything and it’s because there’s been quite a few changes. I came up to the end of my maternity leave and decided to go back to work… just not back to where I was working. There was nothing wrong with the place – I had a good team, the workload was manageable and I liked the workplace but now with two children under 5, the commuting made me anxious to return.

I found another job closer to home, it’s literally a 5 mins walk away which obviously much more convenient in terms of travel. Dropping off LO at nursery is en route to work and the job role gives me more flexibility. I can choose to work from home if I have childcare problems and can’t get into the office and I can spread my hours over the week (working half-days) without having to worry about any bus, tube or train commuting. Ker-ching!

So that’s basically why I’ve not been present on the old blogosphere for the last month. Work is manic – I have paperwork, bookings and deadlines up to my ears. Already! It’s stressful but I guess it is because it’s still early days. When I got an email asking if I’d like to write a review on personalised jewellery I said yes without hesitation. It’s been such a long time since I owned any piece of jewellery it was a chance for me to reintroduce myself to it.

I’m always torn between gold and silver so I picked a dainty little gold bracelet with ID plate and a silver disc pendant necklace – both of these items were from the personalisation collection so that meant I could add an engraving of my choice on to the jewellery. I chose the simple engraving of “K & A” for the initials of LO and Baby Girl. Both items arrived quickly and were presented in beautiful gift boxes. If you love dainty, quirky little jewellery pieces you need to check out their website.

Perfect pre-Mother’s Day gifts for me. 🙂

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Jewellery Box Review
The beautiful gift boxes the jewellery were presented in
The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Jewellery Box Review
9ct gold bracelet with a crystal personalised ID plate
The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Personalised Jewellery Box Review
Personalised sterling silver small disc necklace

Delivery was super fast too. I think it only took about a couple of days as the company usually dispatches the same day if you order by 2pm. My second bracelet I ordered it two days ago and it came yesterday, also in time for Mother’s Day.

I really love ID plate bracelets. I owned one years back which I had lost (my mother bought it for me) so it was of sentimental value and since then I’ve not found another one which I loved as much until now. The necklace is just adorable and I love how much the initials really show on the disc. I thought it wouldn’t really be visible but it is. What I also like about Jewellery Box is that you can choose whether you want your personalised engraving on the front OR the reverse – how amazing is that! I did think about having the necklace engraving on the reverse but then thought nah because I actually want to be able to see it! 🙂

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Jewellery Box Review

Naturally I took to my instagram and snapped away wearing my necklace and arm candy. 🙂 I love them sooo much! In the instagram photo on the left, I’ve teamed up my ID plate bracelet with a gold-plated arrow bracelet which was under £7.00 from Jewellery Box.

After getting my bracelet, I just wanted more and more bracelets – I then came across this arrow one and an infinity symbol one but chose the arrow bracelet as it’s something I’ve seen a lot on my social media and I’m really fond of it. There is a slight difference in the gold colour as the ID plate bracelet is 9ct gold and the arrow bracelet is 18ct dipped-gold so because of the higher carat the gold is slightly darker. Not a problem for me though as I think it still looks good but if you’re someone who wants all of their gold jewellery colour to match, be aware of the carat. If you’re fond of white gold then you can easily wear with other silver pieces.

My mum’s birthday is coming up soon (in May) and Baby Girl’s birthday is in April so I think I will treat them to jewellery this year. There are some lovely baby bangles that have caught my eye and prices start from only £23.00. Happy Days!


NB. I was kindly sent jewellery by in exchange for an unbiased review. All words, opinions and photos are my own.


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