Baby Girl is now 3 months old!

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Even as a second-time mum there are still things that I am learning about second time round. LO is what you’d call the “perfect baby”. He breastfed well, hardly ever cried, didn’t cry or get a fever at all when it was time for immunisations, he slept good and didn’t suffer from colic or reflux or other little niggles like that. Baby Girl however was the complete opposite.

She was constantly crying. She had colic from day one as well as silent reflux and the midwives at the hospital didn’t notice it. We got meds for her later on. She constantly had hiccoughs which I think was due to the reflux because she would never burp after feeds. Even after five or ten minutes patting her in every direction to get her to wind, it wouldn’t happen.

She also didn’t breastfeed well as l my nipple was too big for her mouth so she had a terrible latch. Then to top it all off… She was constipated and it made her extra fussy – like WTF?! I thought exclusively breastfed babies never get constipated? Well, I can tell you know from experience that it’s definitely a lie. Exclusively BF babies are just as susecptible to constipation as formula-fed babies. The good thing was that she continued to gain weight well so I just had to cope and manage with it.

Three months on…

Now baby girl is three months old, it’s been much better. Her fussiness is at a minimum. We stopped giving her the reflux meds and her colic just disappeared as she got older and so did the reflux. I think it’s because when babies are newborns their stomach is so immature therefore they get colicky really easily and can become sensitive to everything.

She burps by herself after most feeds and when I pat her there is always a satisfying burp afterwards. Music to my ears! 🙂 I also started combi-feeding (breastfeeding and formula feeding) and it’s really sorted out her constipation. She now has regular bowel movements so for us, this worked really well. I love breastfeeding and wish I could’ve exclusively breastfeed Baby Girl longer but I didn’t want to be selfish. She needed more and upping the feeds was still not satisfying her so I had to supplement with formula.

Development-wise she is smiling a lot more, she is babbling away non-stop which is so adorable. Sometimes I wish LO would stop talking and Baby Girl would start haha! She is also really good on her front – I’ve been trying to increase her tummy time but already she seems to be holding her head up well which is fantastic. 🙂

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Baby Monthly Milestone
A still from a video of Baby Girl lifting her head high

She’s also very good at kicking her legs…sometimes to a point where she actually moves from where she originally was. LO says she’s ‘peddling’ – bless him! 🙂 He gets so excited when she kicks her legs and occasionally joins in with her…

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Baby Monthly Milestone
LO and Baby Girl ‘peddling’ as he says

She’s also so dribbly now and constantly biting on her hands – I really think she’s teething so I’ve already bought her a few teething toys but she doesn’t really know what to do with it yet. I’ll wait a little longer then hopefully she’ll just start to figure it out.

I just can’t believe how fast they grow… soon before I know it, it’ll be her first birthday! *gasps*

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5 responses to “Baby Girl is now 3 months old!”

  1. Colic in itself is already bad…add Reflux to that= nightmare! I remember those days when my son had Reflux and his was a silent Reflux. Pretty bad and he was on meds till abt a year. Glad it’s all over for you at 3 mths! Enjoy the little one. She’ll be walking soon enough!:)

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    1. Silent reflux is so bad 😦 Baby Girl still has it now but it’s a little more manageable and she doesn’t seem to be upset by it so it’s a little easier to deal with. I will defo try to enjoy her as much as I can, I know how auickly they grow up. Don’t scare me with the walking just yet. Her bro was fully walking at 10months and I can tell she is going to be an early one too! 🙂

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      1. Yes, the silent ones are bad. For 2 weeks my son (and us) couldn’t sleep as he woke up every hour because of pain. It was tough. So so glad it was over.
        Hahahha! I think she’ll be eager to chase after her brother and perhaps decide to walk at 9 month. Brace yourself! LOL. x.

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  2. Oooo sounds like a tricky first few weeks but it’s really good that things have settled down well for you guys now and both look happy in the pics. I may see you in Greenwich Park one day! #fortheloveofBLOG


  3. She is so beautiful! That newborn phase can be so intense can’t it? Glad to hear that she is settling down a bit for you and you can all get a bit of a routine going now. Thanks for sharing on #fortheloveofBLOG x


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