Discover Challenge: Analog (disposable cameras)

The Greenwich Mummy | Discover Challenge: Analog

In response to The Daily Post’s Discover Challenge: Analog

The Greenwich Mummy | Discover Challenge: Analog
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It’s been a while since I’ve been online (busy with new baby and all) that I haven’t had much time to do the things on my blog that I loved: the blog challenges. After stumbling across The Daily Post’s Discover Challenge, I thought this would be a perfect thing to write about.

This week’s theme is Analog. To me, the word reminds me of analog TV and cable, cassette tapes, dial-up internet and the best one of all… Disposable cameras.

I’m not that old (27 years young) but I’ve got a few nostalgic memories of my teenage years with the ol’ disposable camera.

They were all the rage when I was in school. If you were a popular, cool kid you’d have a disposable cam. I remember everyone wanted to get their hands one especially if we were going out that day. It cost around £8 per cam and I remember I would save up so hard to get my hands on one. Then it costed (in terms of time and money) a little more just to get it printed.

I used to love the sound of the little wind-up mechanism to load the film and the plastic ‘click’ you’d hear when you’d press the button to shoot. When I first discovered these fun cams were getting discontinued as people became more into digital cameras I was a little upset. 1) because I couldn’t afford a decent digital camera back then and 2) I really enjoyed going down to snappy snaps or boots and receiving a lovely pack of printed photos.

When I was in college, I did some work experience at a photographic store that printed both film and digital – I worked in the film department. I learnt how to develop negatives in the darkroom (I will never forget the smell) and load film printing paper (fun times!). I also used to colour correct prints using a printing machine which was somewhat fun but after printing a couple hundred prints, I got bored. All in all, it was 6 months of fun learning as sad as that sounds. It’s a little hard to believe that the kind of job I did now ceases to exist.

I love the technology of our modern world don’t get me wrong but I would love to see disposable cameras making a comeback – even just as a novelty item. 🙂

7 responses to “Discover Challenge: Analog (disposable cameras)”

  1. I also remember those ones 🙂 We found many of those in Japan, like all vintage things, crazily expensive . The new Polaroids are pretty cool though 😉 their design is totally “kawaii” but I still love the prints..

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    1. I love the polaroid cameras! My dad used to own one – I tried to buy one on Ebay.. It was cheap but the film was an extortionate price!! I may purchase it later though for novelty 🙂

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      1. Yes, they really get us with the films! But they are so unique 🙂


  2. I love analog cameras! I’m just a little bit older than you (I’m thirty, goodness, halfway to thirty-one) and learned photography on disposable cameras. I remember ones the used to make with B&W film, and that’s when I learned how challenging it is to take good B&W photographs. I never learned the developing side of things. Thanks for stirring up the memories 🙂

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    1. Hi Jay they are great aren’t they?! 30 is not too far off – apparently being 30 is all the rage! 🙂 I remember the b&w disposable cams, they were my favourite!! Something really wonderful about shooting in b&w but so damn hard to get the lighting right with those things.

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  3. I still have the Polaroid pictures your dad took of us when we were younger, playing the piano, he gave me about four of them. He did love that camera 😊

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    1. Awww you do?! I can’t believe it! Lol.. He did love it a lot – I need to find it & get some film for it to use it again 🙂


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