Liz Earle Beautiful Skin Kit Review


My skin now finally has that lovely “pregnancy glow” everyone talks about but it hasn’t been easy. My skin type has changed from being blemish-prone/combination skin to normal/dehydrated with dry patches. I think having the heating on high probably has something to do with that change but the past few months have been a little too cold for my liking. So with the change, I decided to update my skincare and change a few products around.

Why I like the Liz Earle brand

I have been a fan of Liz Earle products for some time as they’re a British brand manufactured in the UK and use ‘naturally active ingredients’ which are botanical and plant essences. Their products don’t contain any skincare nasties like parabens and SLS too and display their full ingredients list on their website which, I think, is a bonus advantage. However, the last time I used their products I thought the cleanser was a bit too rich for my skin as it’s designed for all skin types. Now that my skin is a little drier and in need of more moisture and hydration, I’ve decided to give it another go.

My Liz Earle Beautiful Skin Kit Review

I headed online to their official website and purchased one of the ‘try-me’ kits; Liz Earle Beautiful Skin Kit, which was amazing value (£28.75, correct as of 25/03/16) and contains the essentials that I needed – cleanser, toner and moisturiser. I chose the Beautiful Skin kit because as I didn’t want to try any of the other products and it worked out that I get more ml’s for money in this specific kit.

I’ve used my Liz Earle products for about one month now and here’s what I think about them so far…

Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser 

My Liz Earle Beautiful Skin Kit Review
Liz Earle UK

The hot cloth cleanser has a two-step process; first you apply the rich creamy cleanser straight onto your face and massage the cleanser in the skin. Leave on your skin for about a minute to let it dissolve makeup and remove daily build-up of dirt, oil, etc. The second step is to rinse the muslin cloth in warm/hot water and wring before apply to your face in circular motions to remove the cleanser.

My thoughts?
What I like the most is the pump – each pump gives you a generous dose of cleanser and is a brilliant design as it keeps bacteria out of the product. The buffing action with the muslin cloth helps to gently exfoliate while removing the cleanser properly which is why I think my skin feels wonderfully soft after cleansing every morning and night. I felt like the cleanser doesn’t get removed properly if you use tepid or cold water though as the cleanser is very rich. This sometimes puts me off using it because 1. the extra step can be a hassle especially when I’m in a rush which is most of the time and 2. I normally like to wash my face with tepid or cool water. However, these colder months I’ve been washing my face with warm/hot water so not been too fussed.

Instant Boost Skin Tonic

Liz Earle UK

The toner is said to help make your skin look brighter and is incredibly soothing thanks to the active ingredients like cucumber, aloe vera, and chamomile. The toner is alcohol-free and non-drying on the skin making it the ideal toner for all skin types.

My thoughts?
I seriously love this product – I can’t tell you enough! It’s my favourite skincare item from the brand and one of the best toners I have used. Firstly, it smells absolutely divine thanks to the chamomile and calendula essences. Secondly, it’s very gentle on the skin and because it’s alcohol-free it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight but is still astringent enough (thanks to the hops ingredient) to leave my skin looking matte. I’m not a great fan of the bottle as I end up pouring too much toner on my cotton pad but it can be bought as a spray (you got to pay a little more for the spray though) so I guess it’s win-win all around.

Skin Repair Moisturiser

My Liz Earle Beautiful Skin Kit Review
Liz Earle UK

The moisturiser accommodates to different skin types in three variations; normal/combination, oily/combination (Skin Repair Light), or dry/sensitive. If you have very dry or mature skin, take a look at the SuperSkin moisturiser which also comes in a fragrance-free version. I opted for the normal/combination version.

My thoughts?
As much as I love the skin repair moisturiser as it provides the right amount of hydration for my skin, there is a strong scent (maybe it’s the borage oil I don’t know) which I used to love but now absolutely hate! I really can’t stand it which is really sad as I am not usually sensitive to smells but cannot stomach the fragrance. I would love to try the SuperSkin fragrance free moisturiser but I’m scared it’ll be too heavy for my skin so I alternate between using my Liz Earle moisturiser and my Aveda Outer Peace blemish relief lotion.

Verdict: Mummy loves it!

If you’re planning to give Liz Earle a try, I would definitely recommend the Beautiful Skin Kit as it’s affordable and all of the products are of a decent size so you should be able to get more than a month’s worth of use out of them. I’ve had my kit for a month now and it’s just about halfway through so yippee! I think I will have to purchase the limited edition rose cleanser next if it’s still available. 🙂

My Liz Earle Beautiful Skin Kit Review
After using my Liz Earle cleanser, toner and moisturiser

Here’s a photo of me after my daily (and nightly) skincare routine. My skin had a dewy glow immediately after moisturiser which did eventually mattify but personally, I love the dewy skin look.

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3 responses to “Liz Earle Beautiful Skin Kit Review”

  1. Patricia Gerson Avatar
    Patricia Gerson

    Liz Earle did not work for me looked like my face had been cleaned with a Brillo pad!


    1. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that. 😦 I think with skincare it can be difficult to find something you like. I find when I don’t cleanse properly with the cloth my face feels too oily. There’s loads of different types of cleansers available so I’m sure you’ll find one that is right for you soon. 🙂


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