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Here’s What We Got LO This Christmas…

To be honest, I think we’ve gone a little overboard as we ended up spending so much on LO and not much on anyone else this year. I feel a bit guilty but I’ve been strapped for cash and Daddy P wanted to splash out on him so we got a few good things and a few extravagant things all from the lovely kids store, Smyths.

The Greenwich Mummy | What We Got LO For Christmas 2015
LO’s Christmas Presents from Smyths UK

*prices are correct as from when we bought them on 02/12/15*

  1. Little Elf ride-on quad bike, £34.99
  2. 21″ natural guitar, £13.99
  3. Peppa Pig dough activity case, £9.99
  4. Molto 4-storey parking garage, £24.99
  5. 20 piece fire station play set, £6.99

Overall, we didn’t spend too much I guess (under £100) which is pretty decent for 5 toys. Daddy P picked out the quad bike as it’s something he’s wanted to get LO for a little while (must be a man thing) and the guitar and dough activity case were items I thought he’d like as he was playing with them so much on a recent play date with a friend. We saw the garage and thought he would definitely like that as he always plays with the one at nursery and we don’t have anything like it at home. The fire station set was a cheap spontaneous present as he loves anything that is to do with fire engines and thought it’d make a great extra gift.

… and what did mummy & daddy get each other?

Daddy P hasn’t gotten me anything yet but I am not too fussed as he’s promised to take me to dinner at Gaucho’s on Boxing Day which I shall hold him to. 🙂 I’ve got him a little cologne for men for Christmas which I think he will like (fingers crossed).

If you’re still looking for last minute presents or stocking fillers at Smyths, they’re open until Wednesday 23rd or order online by Monday to get your delivery in time for Christmas.

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