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Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

In response to this week’s photo challenge, Trio

Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio | The Greenwich Mummy
Left: L, Middle: D, Right: Me

There are many, many things that comes in threes but I guess the one that applies to me is my sisterly bond. There are three of us; me (the eldest), my sister L, and my younger sister D.

We used to be like the three musketeers, always at each other’s side. We still are in some ways but as we’ve all grown up, we gone our separate ways a little. I am always at home or working, my sister L is with her son Lils or with her new beau, and my younger sister D is busy studying her first year at university.

There is nothing stronger than a sister bond though and despite our age gaps (about 3-4 years between each of us) we hardly ever fight… any more! 🙂 We always compared ourselves to the Kardashian sisters. We always said that I was most like Kourtney, the eldest and most reserved. L was like Kim as she is the middle girl and loves the flashy lifestyle, and D was like Khloé, the youngest and a bit of a wild one. It’s funny how we have similar enough traits to compare ourselves to the Kardashians but maybe that is like all sister trios? I don’t know.

So for this week’s photo challenge, I just wanted to dedicate it to my beloved sisters, L and D – I love you both very much and so happy to have you as my sisters.


– x –


One response to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio”

  1. The Sound of Summer Avatar
    The Sound of Summer

    Three lovely ladies and an excellent take on this weeks theme well done 🙂

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