LostMy.Name: My Personalised Story Books Review

I simply adore this personalised story book from LostMy.Name. I first stumbled upon it when I was searching for a birthday present for LO last year. You have to place the order for the book online but what’s great is that the website is user-friendly and interactive so you actually get to see your ‘final product’ before you place the order. Like the hard copy, you can flip through all the pages of the book and see what’s in store.

I decided to place an order for a friend’s child (a boy), put in his name then clicked ‘create book’. It then showed me a full preview of the book and all of the stories for the letters in the child’s name then at the end, there was a buy now button which I clicked then placed my order.. it was really as simple as that. You can even give it a go yourself if you fancy! It doesn’t cost anything to play around with and you don’t have to register your details until you’re ready to checkout.

The Greenwich Mummy
A screenshot of the book preview

At £18.99 it is slightly more pricier than some of the other personalised story books I found including popular characters like Peppa Pig however it’s free shipping which is an added bonus. Delivery can take up to 2 weeks unless you order the express delivery which aims to deliver in just one week. The reason for the lengthy duration is because every book is made to order from scratch; that includes sourcing the stories, binding of the pages, and then packaging it perfectly to be sent out to you securely. I think mine took about 1.5 weeks so it wasn’t too long of a wait.

All in all the book is fantastic and definitely my favourite personalised story book so far. There’s even an option of including a dedication page (for free!) which gets printed on the first page of the book to make it that little bit extra special. Welll done to the creators that’s all I can say.

One for boys and one for girls
LostMy.Name personalised book

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