Sporadic Posting

I have definitely noticed that my blogging has not been as consistent as it used to be. Before I could easily write so much and just about anything but nowadays it seems to be much harder!

I believe it’s due to a combination of things from personal things and looking after LO, to laziness and lack of motivation to get blogging… eek! 😦 Not good. We also got fish just under 2 months ago and they’ve had quite a few babies so that’s another thing that has taken up my time and the blog has seemed to be pushed to the bottom of the ‘to-do list’. I also really hate the WordPress blog on the iPhone as it’s really crap to use so that’s just one more thing that adds to the blogging procrastination.

I have however, found time to do a few things with LO. Last week Wednesday we went to a Hawaiian-themed toddler sensory party which was great! We used to go Toddler Sensory before we had to stop due to me working on Wednesdays but as it was my day off, I was more than excited to take LO. He enjoyed it so much! I had really forgotten how much fun these classes were and they are such great value (around £7 in Greenwich) and also gives me a chance to meet other mummies and LO a chance to make even more friends of the same age. If you’ve never been to a Toddler Sensory class before, take a look at my previous blog post: Teddy Bear’s Picnic at Toddler Sensory

Unfortunately we had so much fun, I had forgotten to take any photos but I highly recommend it to anyone. There are toddler sensory classes held all around the UK, you can check their website to have a look at your nearest one. If you live in Greenwich or nearby, the one I went to is held at St. Marks Community Centre in West Greenwich and the classes are run by a lovely friendly lady called Katy. She also offers a free trial class if you’re interested so definitely send her an email. You can find her details below.

Well, that’s enough for tonight me thinks. I will try and post more regularly – at least once a week… fingers crossed!

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