Oliver Jeffers at Discover Stratford

The Wonderful World of Oliver Jeffers Exhibition at Discover Stratford Review

Oliver Jeffers Exhibition at Discover Stratford

If your children loves stories and you want to take them somewhere that is a bit different, head down to the Discover Children’s Story Centre in Stratford, London.

It’s a place where kids can unleash their imagination and have some serious fun. If the massive indoor space isn’t enough, the just-as-massive outdoor space should thrill you and the children. I have been longing to take LO to see the The Wonderful World of Oliver Jeffers exhibition as it looked amazing on the Discover website and yesterday was a fabulous, sunny day so I just went with the flow.

We hadn’t pre-booked tickets so just paid when we arrived. Tickets are £5 per adult and child (under 2’s go free) which is a relatively decent price. The tickets included our admission to the Oliver Jeffers exhibition as well as play time in the story trail (indoor play) and story garden (outdoor play). The story trail had a massive sensory play with colourful lights and drum music. There was also a projection on the screen of different types of drums for the children to look at. Away from this bit were two large spaceships complete with knobs and dials for the children to press, push and pull to their heart’s content. The other spaceship had a mini slide and play area for the kids to have free reign. The story garden was massive and I thought would appeal more to the older children. There’s a big slide, a mini rock-climbing wall, a large ship that you can climb on, a tree house and super-sized musical instruments (tubular chime bells and wooden xylophone) for kids to bang away on… I even had a few goes and thoroughly enjoyed it! 🙂

Here’s a mesh photo collage of our day out to the story centre:

Before we were let loose in the exhibition, one of the lovely Discover story builders read us “Lost and Found” by Oliver Jeffers story to set the scene. I’d never heard of Oliver Jeffers before visiting Discover Stratford so I learnt something new. I love the way the place was also set out – it contained child-sized scenes from popular Oliver Jeffers books i.e.including “Lost and Found”, “Up and Down”, and “How To Catch A Star”. Children could dress up as ‘the boy’ by donning a stripey white and red jumper and a stripey brown and cream beanie hat.

I highly recommend the Discover Children’s Story Centre to all families no matter whether you have a 1 year old baby or a 6 year old baby, it’s a great place for them. The Oliver Jeffers exhibition is around until Sunday 6th September 2015. After this, the exhibition will be replaced for Michael Rosen’s Bear Hunt which will open in October 2015 which is said to be recommended for a wider audience aged 0-11 years.

LO and I love stories and there’s nothing better than a brilliant story-telling coupled with a fantastic, large indoor and outdoor play area for children that allows their imaginations to run wild. 🙂 If you’re planning to go or have been to Discover Stratford, let me know your views on the place.



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