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My Thoughts On Being A Beanstalk Reading Helper…

My Beanstalk children are now officially on their summer holidays (they broke up last Friday) and I just can’t believe how quick it has gone! The children have all done so well, I can’t be more proud of them. I think even though we’ve only been reading for about 2 months, I feel that some of them have really developed their confidence. You can read my first post on volunteering with Beanstalk here. One of the children told me a couple of weeks ago that they enjoyed reading so much that they actually read a book by themselves in class and even occasionally wanting to read with the teacher. I was so happy to hear this.

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We always divide up our time with reading and playing games to make things fun but these last few sessions we focused mainly on games and read a smaller book which the kids found quite fun. We played everything from Scrabble and Uno to “Houses” and Naughts & Crosses. One of the children quite liked my improv word-search games which was pretty cool. I remember there was a day that the children had to cancel their sessions as they were having their room transitions so I’d left the word-search on the hand-held whiteboard for the next day. Upon my return I could see that someone has been playing it which I think was really sweet. 🙂

Charities like Beanstalk are always in need of volunteers to help out, you can find out more about the role and how to become a volunteer Beanstalk reading helper

I love my volunteering days and am so glad that I decided to take it up. I’ve always felt drawn to teaching, training, and mentoring so I felt like this role was not only beneficial for the children but also for me which is extremely rewarding. If you’ve ever wanted to volunteer why not go and do it?!I can’t wait until I see the children again in September and see how they have been getting up to. I hope they are continuing to read at home during the holidays too. I’ve got a few more games I’ve thought up to try with them when they come back to the school term. In our last week of reading, we all read a role-play book that had let us act out the characters. The children really loved this so I want to find some activities like this or maybe even try to get the children to create their own stories for us to act out in September. Woop woop – exciting times ahead! 🙂

If you want to find out more about Beanstalk or want to volunteer, you can click the link at the end of this post. Ciao!

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