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Flash cards. They’re a great learning tool, especially for children. Most flash cards will have a picture of the word on one side of the card and the word in text-form on the other. This is my third pack – first and second got stolen from me by my cheeky little nephew, Lils.

These Grafix ABC flash cards are from Tesco’s for a measley £1! Seriously, learning doesn’t get any cheaper than that. It’s aimed at children from 3+ but to be honest, I never really look at these age ranges. Your child shouldn’t be limited by the standardised age labels as every child is different and learn things at different ages. Some are faster than others and some take a little longer. From the first and second time I bought this pack, I knew what it contained and knew that LO can recognise around 40% of the photos. There’s 52 cards in total from A to Z (two cards for each letter).

ABC Flash Cards

ABC Flashcards | The Greenwich Mummy

The cards have the word and picture on one side, and the other side has the word only. Children that are slightly older would be able to use these cards as a game. Simply show the card to your child(ren) with the picture side up and cover the word (this encourages the children to guess what the picture is). With LO, all I do at the moment is show him the picture side and he tells me what they are. As he can’t read yet (although he can distinguish some letters) he just shouts out what the picture is. A game I was thinking of playing with him when he’s a bit older is to group the cards by their food groups i.e. group all the vegetables together, group all of the living room objects together, etc.

LO loves to learn so I am very glad that he responded well to these flash cards. I also think that by encouraging him to learn new words at home gives him the opportunity to develop his knowledge of objects and things as well as improve his memory as he may be able to remember the new things he’s learnt when he sees them in real life. I’m hoping to get him a few more educational games such as puzzles and memory games to give him the best start in academia.

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