The Greenwich Centre Is Now Open!

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Woo Hoo! I have been waiting for the brand-new Greenwich Centre to be open all spring. They finally opened their doors on Saturday 13th June and already I could see loads of people booking in for swimming sessions, taking a look at the new library and utilising the brand new gym. I overheard that one of the yoga classes held at the centre was fully booked! I can’t believe how popular it is already however it is a good thing as it means the new leisure centre will do really well.

As the centre is only a stone-throw away from our front door, I took LO with me to take a look at the facilities. I saw in the local newspaper that they were taking people on gym tours but I thought I’d skip it as I can always pop down later to see the facilities especially now that I don’t have to go far to exercise. 🙂

We went to see the new library – which reminds me, I need to return LO’s library books that are overdue – and it was really nice and cosy. It’s not massive but it is bigger than the old East Greenwich library and looks more like the Woolwich library which is great as I much prefer seeing a consistent theme. There’s a quiet zone for those who want space to study or read in quiet, there’s a lovely children’s area that has tons and tons of books, a teen area that’s connected to the children’s area, and the main library and PC area sits nearer to the front entrance.

The other thing I love about this new library is that they have activities on the weekend for children. Every Sunday (2:30pm-3pm) is Story Time held in the children’s area I believe. This is great as it means I can take LO to Woolwich library on Saturday (10am or 11am) for Rhyme Time and here at the new library on Sundays for Story Time.

The Greenwich Centre is located at the old Greenwich Hospital site on Woolwich Road. The full address is: 12 Lombarde Square, Greenwich, SE10 9GB.

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