Finger Coils For Toddlers With Curly Hair

It came to me that I haven’t really been doing anything to LO’s hair. As much as I love his curls being out, I realised his hair is very long now and I rarely have it in any particular style for him. His hair is curly – I think between hair type 2C-3B. It’s more like 2C on top and 3A/3B for the rest of the head. The texture is still quite fine so it easily gets frizzy and fluffy which is very cute but as he’s approaching toddler age, I want to be able to give him a nice hairstyle every now and then.

I came across a blog called Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care written by a mother (Rory) with her adoptive child and she blogs about how to care for naturally curly hair which was great for me as I don’t really much about know how to care for curly hair let alone textured hair! Here are some photos of the end result – I am very pleased with how they turned out 🙂

Finger Coils
Finger coils are really cute and an easy style for younger babies or for toddlers as there’s no need for any hair bands, grips etc and works well on both boys and girls. The style simply looks like ringlets on LO’s hair but you can see from the photos from Rory’s blog, it looks different on her daughter’s hair as the texture of the curl is different. [see photo]

Click here for the instructions I followed to create LO’s finger coils

The Greenwich Mummy | Finger Coils Hair The Greenwich Mummy | Finger Coils Hair

I was very happy with the overall look and our friends and family commented on how nice LO’s new hairstyle was. This was the first time I had done LO’s hair in any kind of style so I am very happy it suited it. I have ordered some hair beads with grips inside so I can do more styles with LO’s hair like single plaits or vertical cornrows. It’s all for experimenting sake for when LO’s hair gets longer as I am thinking about cutting his hair but am loving the curls just too much at the moment to go through with it.

For more hairstyles, general tips on how to care for curly, textured, mixed hair or even tips on parenting and adoption check out Rory and her amazing blog. I am so glad I came across it and will now be checking back on her blog every now and then to get another inspiration for LO’s next hairstyle! 🙂

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