Beauty: What’s in my makeup bag?

What’s in your makeup bag?…

A question that each girl wants to know from their favourite beauty blogger. Now, I’m not a biggest beauty blogger/vlogger however I would like to share my makeup bag staples with you in case you ever would like to know what I use for my super natural day time look.

The Greenwich Mummy | London Family and Lifestyle Blogger Review

Beauty Tools

Occasionally, I also wear Superdrug’s MUA beige/brown creamy eye-shadow stick or Collection 2000 black liquid eyeliner for a more defined look.


The Maybelline lipstick is the perfect brown/beige shade for me and it’s a semi-matte so it still keeps my lips hydrated. I had been searching hi-and-low for months on end before I found this and I cannot live without it. I have a similar colour from Boot’s Natural Collection range in Figleaf which is a more muted beige-brown and it’s a moisturising lipstick so it doesn’t look matte like this one.

Most days, I skip the lipstick and just go with my Carmex lip balm or a pink-tinted balm instead. Here’s how I put everything on using a step-by-step process:


The Greenwich Mummy | Before & After Makeup

This is my everyday, casual daytime look. I do put more on and/or use different products for when I am doing my makeup for a night out or a special occasion. As my MAC foundation is a tad light for me, I do add on more bronzer when it’s night time. That reminds me, I need to buy a darker shade now that summer is approaching because my face gets tanned quite easily in the summer.

Do you prefer a natural look or the super contoured look instead?



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