Review: Adventures With Sam Outer Space

On Saturday, I took the boys (Lo & my nephew) to Greenwich theatre to watch a fantastic children’s show called Adventures with Sam: Outer Space. As I have been longing to take LO to somewhere exciting and interactive so when I was approached by the theatre to attend one of the shows, I jumped at the chance! There was a strict no-photography policy so I’m afraid I don’t have any photos to show you of the actual show but can tell you what happens. 🙂

We’ve never been to the Greenwich Theatre before so I assumed it would be like all other theatres; big and intimidating but luckily the theatre room we were in at Greenwich was not like that at all. It was small, intimate and easy for the characters to interact with the audience and boy was there a lot in interaction!

AWS Space 2
Photo Credit: Greenwich Theatre
AWS Space 1
Photo Credit: Greenwich Theatre

The show starts off with Sam in a library. His mum tells him that it’s time to go home but he can pick any book that he like apart from “the green book”. As his mother leaves the library, cheeky Sam looks for a book and heads straight for the one his mum said not to pick… and off his adventure starts. Sam is transported to a spaceship where he meets ‘Amber’ the astronaut and soon discovers that she is need of help as her space dog had puppies which were stolen by the evil Alfonzo. Sam journeys from Earth to various other planets as part of his mission to find the lost puppies including Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. Along the way, Sam requires help from the audience especially when he meets Martian Mack to uncover special clues.

Expect a lot of interaction between the characters and the audience including dancing and cheering on fellow participants.

When Sam finally meets the evil Alfonzo, he manages to get the puppies back (I won’t tell you how as I’ve said too much already!) and in time before he needs to leave. The show ends with Sam back in the library with his mother and sneakily puts back the green book without her knowing before they both leave the stage and the show ends.

It’s a wonderful show that lasted around 50 mins and even though it’s aimed at children aged 3-5, both LO (1,5 yrs old) and my nephew (2,5 yrs old) thoroughly enjoyed it and the characters were able to fully capture their undivided attention for the entire length of the show which was simply amazing! Greenwich Theatre regularly has lots of family shows to watch especially during the school holidays.

Adventures With Sam Outer Space
A lovely photo of the boys after the show with Sam

It’s definitely a show that I would take LO to see again. We would also like to see Adventures with Sam On The Farm show as we haven’t seen that one yet. 🙂


NB. We worked with the Greenwich Theatre and were kindly invited to the show for this review. All words, photos and opinions are my own – the photos which I have been given by Greenwich Theatre have been credited in the post respectively.


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  2. great review! I went once to see Oliver Jeffers the lost boy ? was really good

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    1. Thank you! I love Oliver Jeffers stories – we went to the exhibition at Discover Childrens Story Centre in Stratford which showcased a few of the books. 🙂

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