My Second HelloFresh Meal Review

So yesterday I made my second HelloFresh meal; Black Sesame Teriyaki Beef with Bok Choy served with brown rice and it was simply divine! Full of flavour and very filling on the tummies so many satisfied people! There was even leftovers which was a surprise as when I made the Sea Bream Oreganata, there was no food left for leftovers. The whole meal was relatively simple to make. I would say the actual cooking time took like 15mins however the prep time took longer, about 20mins. It took me ages to finely slice the beef and dice up the garlic. The marinade was so easy but I had to add more honey and more soy sauce because in my opinion, I didn’t think there was enough. Here’s a photo of the final thing. 🙂

My Second HelloFresh Meal Review
Black Sesame Teriyaki Beef with Bok Choy

Like the previous menu, the recipe card was extremely easy to follow and easily set out with photos so you can see exactly how to do it. My dish ended up with a different presentation from the original as I decided to stir everything together in the end using the wok so that’s why it looks more like a stir-fry. I am also surprised I had used hardly any oil at all! Usually when I fry beef I usually use quite a bit but didn’t have to this time and because the beef was thinly sliced, they cooked in literally seconds – amaze-balls!

I cannot wait until I cook the third and final meal from my first HelloFresh Classic box. It’s been brilliant so far so I have no doubt that the last meal for this week will be satisfying. If you want to have a sneaky peak of what it is, click here to see the original recipe – it’s going to be amazing. I will be posting a review of this third and final meal on Monday so don’t forget to check it out. All the recipes are super quick, easy and healthy to make so definitely give them a try if you are looking to eat healthier but lacking inspiration. Follow the instructions or improvise and make your own version of the dish, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

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    1. The Greenwich Mummy Avatar
      The Greenwich Mummy

      Thank you! I will do that now 🙂


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