Forensic Fanatics, Go And See The Wellcome Collection

Forensic Fanatics: Go And See The Wellcome Collection!Forensics: The Anatomy Of Crime
26 February – 21 June 2015

If you are a science geek and have always wondered what it’s like at a crime scene or in a forensics lab, get yourself down to the Wellcome Collection to check out real-life documentations from actual crimes, specimens in glass jars, and forensic kits used by crime scene investigators and much more. This is not to be missed if you love your CSI, NCIS, and Law & Order.

The free exhibition and will be showing until June 2015 so you have a while to see it if you are too busy for now. For more information about the museum or to see photos of what the Forensics exhibition has to offer, check out the Wellcome Collection’s website:

If you have a child/children/teens that love(s) science, this is not one to be missed. It’s a great exhibition and won’t be around for long so make sure you book your tickets fast.

How To Get There

Tube: Euston, Euston Square, Warren Street
National Rail: Euston, St. Pancras, and Kings Cross
Local buses: 10, 18, 24, 27, 29, 30, 59, 68, 73, 88, 91, 134, 168, 205, 253, 390

Click here for full directions


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