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Reminiscing About Barcelona

Looking back at my previous holiday photos is making want to go away again! I went to Barcelona earlier this year for a short break (2 nights) which was a lovely getaway but it’s simply not long enough. It was a spur-of-the-monent decision; I saw the deal on for £89pp inc. hotel and I could just not resist!

I went with my all-time travel companion Coco – she is the only person I go on holidays with since college times but after LO I stopped all the holiday trips as money became tight.

Our Barcelona break

When we got to the city centre we decided to walk to the hotel, not realising it was 19 kilometres away! I had totally underestimated how far the distance was and after 3hrs of constant walking we reached the hotel knackered so we only could be bothered to chill out. The hotel, Attica 21 Barcelona Mar is right next to the beach promenade which was a pleasant surprise. If only we knew how close we were we probably would’ve spent an afternoon chilling on the sandy beaches.

The next day we walked everywhere again but also made use of the tram system to help us get around. I have to say, Barcelona is a beautiful city, physically and culturally. It’s no wonder why thousands of people flock there especially in summer when the weather is amazing. When I went, I was only sunny on the day I got there.. After that, it was all grey clouds and overcast. Still, I had a great time exploring the place.

Jazz Nights

The last night was spent at the local jazz bars Jamboree and Marula Café, and the entertainment for the night was simply awesome. It was Funk night at Marula Cafe so the DJ played funk and soulful jazz  – there was also a live act from a local band called Sugar Drop who were absolutely amazing. As the venue is small and intimate, it felt almost like a private gig 🙂 Even though it was only for 2 nights, I missed my boy a lot but I was also quite happy that I was able to get away for a few days for complete R&R. After that, it was back to the rat race and full-time work.


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