Throwback: We love Mudchute Farm at Docklands

I’m “throwing back” to LO’s first trip to the Mudchute animal park. I remember (at first) daddy and I were really anxious of whether he will enjoy himself or just bawl his eyes out from the giant farm animals and I am so proud to say he was absolutely fantastic!

We decided to take the pram in case he got tired or starts throwing a tantrum and we brung his wellies along in case he wanted to have a little run around (which he ended up doing including splashing in muddy puddles).

Mudchute farm was really easy to get to. We got the DLR from Greenwich Cutty Sark and it was just two stops away. The walk from Muchute DLR to the farm was a short 5mins walk away. When we got there LO already looked keen to explore! He saw giant (they were really big) chickens and also saw a turkey. Other animals included pigs, a llama or al pacca, billy goats, sheeps, a very hungry squirrel that wanted to touch LO’s hand, ducks and cows.

It was a really good day out and the weather was perfect even though it was in November I don’t remember it being cold nor frosty or windy. We will definitely be back for another visit and hopefully we can take a few others along with us for a proper day trip to the animal park!

If you fancy a day out at Mudchute farm, click here:

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